Governments must have Cyber Security Strategy

Cyber crimes including hacking and denial of service attacks, phishing, virus and worm influx are not only threats against individuals (i.e. consumers) but a number of these threats are increasingly being targeted at governments. With information being stored largely on online repositories, hackers (not just individuals but often large organized criminal groups) are aiming to infiltrate government websites and networks to steal or tamper with crucial data. And it is imperative that nations with major Internet population and broadband usage should look at a planned and effective strategy to counter the rising number of threats. Cyber warfare is becoming rather rampant and it is mandatory for nations to consider a cyber security strategy as an integral part of their arsenal to defend as well as respond to outside cyber threats. Specialised government funded cyber labs with state of the art technology to track, trace and crack resourced by talented individuals is now a major necessity.

The BBC News Reportstates that UK has already launched a cyber security strategy to counter such cyber attacks. The strategic units are aimed at ensuring that the government is better prepared to defend and combat such attacks.