Me, Myself And Blogging

Welcome Everyone!

It is quite satisyfing that I have finally managed to keep some time for this Blogging effort. Students and alumni at Global School of Tech Juris ( ) as well as my own colleagues and friends alike have all maintained for quite some time now that they would like to see me write.

Misum Hossain at a special Seminar organized by CIIWell I thank all of you for being persistent enough for me to initiate this effort. I hope I will be able to write about issues, events and most importantly things related to my favourite area of study being “cyber laws” on this important platform. I would also like to welcome comments, views and opinions from all my students, alumni, friends and colleagues who have been an important pillar of strength over the years.


2 Responses

  1. excellent. look forward to seeing more.

  2. I am getting the feeling that your blog is going to be a good source of information on cyber law and related issues. Keep it up.

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