Cricket And India

The IPL Season 2 is finally over. And what a turnaround this one has been. The last two teams of Season 1 clash in the Finals of Season 2. Almost like a movie script. And the best part is that the team that got trounced by almost everyone to finish absolutely last in the first season ends up lifting the cup this time around. Great going Gilly. But the strange commonality is that there have been 2 IPL seasons and both seasons have seen Australian legends lift the coveted trophy. While it was Shane Warne’s guiles and shrewd tactics last time around, this time we witnessed some great batting from Captain Gilchrist himself followed by wonderboy Rohit Sharma, great bowling by Purple Cap holder R. P. Singh and some other great contributions too right throughout the tournament. But for Season 3, I do surely hope one of our Indian icons lay their hands on the IPL trophy. Kumble was ever so close this time but with KP returning as Captain in Season 3, only time will tell if Dr. Mallya retains Kumble for helping the Challengers do the marvellous turnaround to beat stiff competition and reach the finals. As for other teams like KKR (the King’s men), it will be intriguing to watch out for who they end up naming captain after the fiasco this time around.

IPL Season is over. So lets just take a break and keep our eyes on the all important T20 World Cup. After all we are the champions and we have to retain our trophy.


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