About Myself

I am the Co-Founder & current Vice President at the Global School of Tech Juris ( www.gstj.org ) which initiated the academic movement to help encourage and show the enlightening path for young students as well as experienced professionals to study newer subject areas in law including specifically cyber laws, internet business laws, international intellectual property among many other such disciplines for the first time in the eastern part of India specifically in the city of Kolkata.

workshopHaving played a part as the Co-Founder, I take a lot of pride as GSTJ was the first such Institute to bring about cyber law education in the city and continues to be still the only such training school even after three years since its inception. It is encouraging for me to see so many of our students currently working as legal professionals in the city who continue to remember the contribution that GSTJ made towards their academic development. I enjoy teaching a lot as it is through continuous interaction with students and professionals that we are all able to successfully see various perspectives and understand the diverse nuances of every aspect of this amazing field of study.

I have had the wonderful opportunity of conducting lectures in various reputed academic and training institutions across India including ILS College (Pune), Government Law College (Mumbai), Symbiosis Institute for Computer Studies & Research (SICSR, Pune), National Insurance Academy (Pune), Bharti Vidya Pit Law College (Pune), Bhawanipore College (Kolkata), SKAIL (Kalyani University, West Bengal), Birla Vishwakarma Mahavidyalaya Engineering College (Gujarat) among many others. I have also conducted training programs for members of the CID Cyber Crime Cell and the Police Training College in West Bengal. I have also been part of several conferences, seminars and workshops in sync with my efforts to create better awareness about technology laws, cyber crime prevention and data protection. 

Read my detailed profile at http://gstj.org/team.php 

Some Press Mentions include:

The Telegraph , The Careergraph , Hindustan Times , Education Times

Apart from my role in the development of Global School of Tech Juris, I also advise several companies on legal issues involving technology, IP, contract, outsourcing, compliance, data protection, property, investments, business start-ups and corporate restructuring. I am also presently the Legal Advisor at a reputed public limited company where I am responsible for supervising all functions of the legal department. My current areas of specialization include laws related to intellectual property, information technology and communications (including telecommunications). I am also particularly interested in EU laws, international competition laws, WTO, TRIPS as well as legal process outsourcing.


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