Corporate Training Program for Cyber Law, Data Protection And Security

gstj logoGlobal School of Tech Juris has launched a pioneering “Corporate Training Program” on Cyber Laws, Data Protection & Security for corporate in-house departments, business managers (senior, mid-level and junior), project/team leaders,  associates, executives etc. working in diverse industry sectors. A range of customized training modules are available including data and cyber security, corporate liability, cyber law compliance issues, online ip (intellectual property) management and infringement detection, cyber crime prevention and awareness, e-commerce business, online payment, in-house security policies, software escrow, software licensing, cyber advertising, confidentiality, data leakage prevention among many others. The training program (including the modules) can be customized according to the business needs, profile and requirements of corporate clients.

Businesses interested in signing up for the GSTJ Corporate Training Program should send an email to