India at No.4 among Top Countries with Internet Users

India is at No. 4 among the Top20 countries with the highest number of Internet users in the world. World Internet User Statisticsupdated till 31st March 2009 puts India at an enviable fourth position behind China (1st), USA (2nd) and Japan (3rd). With an Internet population of almost 81 Million users and the exponential growth of broadband facilities in the country combined with the affordable tariff rates makes it look like India may well reach the TOP2 very soon. In Asia alone, India is at No. 3 just behind China andJapan. Although India with 81 Million users is just a little behind Japan (94 Million), the gap between China and the rest of the Asian countries is quite massive with the Chinese Internet population alone standing at a staggering 298 Million. China is currently the world’s top country for highest Internet users with US trailing behind with 227.2 Million users.


Although Internet user statistics look quite promising for the Indian cyberspace, the dampner comes in the form of statistics for Internet penetration in the country which looks quite abysmal at a lowly 7.1% compared to China (22.4%) andJapan (73.8%). However these Internet penetration statistics are not that surprising considering India’s population (1,147,995,898) is only behind that of China (1,330,044,605). But with the major attempts by Internet Service Providers in India to provide competitive tariffs, India’s Internet may well reach further than it ever has in the next few years.  There is a definite requirement to stress on ensuring a competitive and comprehensive digital infrastructure.

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