Google – ‘Bing’ed?


This word today arguably epitomizes much of a cyber surfer’s virtual life. Perceived by millions as a useful tool to track valuable information on the web, Google’s meteoric rise has catapulted this Search Engine into cyber’s ultimate Hall of Fame. If there is ever going to be one word that perhaps can be considered as a synonym for the virtual world, its got to be our very familiar Google. Conceived as a mere tool to help users reach required data, Google today represents the very existence of the cyberspace. The company’s unprecedented growth in popularity, revenue and sheer cyber familiarity is a story of one of the most spectacular creations of the modern day. That Google has dwarfed all competition is known, but what is fascinating is the transformation of a noun like “Google” into a verb that is now a synonym for search on the world wide web. Whether you like it, love it, hate it, despise it, one thing you certainly can not do and that is “ignore it”. Google is perhaps the ultimate product of a marketing team’s best moment. Google’s dominance is so spellbinding that many users would even find it difficult to come up with an alternative if Google stopped being a search engine. There are many exhilarating writings online on what Google does right but that is not the focus of this blog. I am here to just appreciate and acknowledge the sheer presence of Google in the lives of millions. What prompted me to sit up and write a post on Google? Well, it was the news of the launch or should I say relaunch with a  new brand and marketing strategy (as some are preferring to call it) of Microsoft’s wonderful “Bing”. Will Bing be a worthy adversary to the might of Google? Live Search may have lacked the click or should I say the “bing” but the new avatar of Microsoft’s brainchild seems to have given encouraging signals to the cyber world. For someone like me who is an ardent fan of Google, I certainly would like to see how Bing fares in the race ahead.



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