Basic Cyber Law training for all Lawyers!

I often see many online articles and comments that identify “cyber laws” as a new area of practice for legal professionals in India. I see a number of young professionals or law graduates also seeking to enter the profession primarily only as “cyber lawyers” and hence looking to equip themselves accordingly with additional courses and skills based training programs. Although I am happy to find so many young and budding law graduates wishing to enter the profession exclusively as “cyber lawyers”, I am unfortunately being the one to break this news that if anyone is looking to specialize in cyber laws, it is not just command over cyber laws that one must exercise but equally be conversant and skillful with other areas of law including intellectual property, contract, criminal, company etc. as no cyber lawyer can function with simply knowledge about just the cyber laws. I come from a school of thought that you need to be a lawyer first and then only subsequently look to specialize. What I mean is that law graduates must inculcate knowledge and understanding of most laws rather than see specialised practice as being isolated fields.


But what about the thousands of other lawyers or law graduates who do not wish to specialize or work in the area of cyber laws and who have chosen equally good career specializations in either corporate or even in litigation practice. Maxim Gorky, founder of Soviet Literature, once said “Every new time will give its own law”. As for me today is the time of information technology and hence the time for cyber laws. Technology has reached much deeper into our existence than we perhaps realise. The society today is surviving on “information” as a society without an inflow or outflow of information will find it difficult to exist, compete or evolve and will end up as a pariah and maybe even extinct (if not physically) but definitely in the mental sense. This continuous and tremendous urge for information is satiated by the various forms of technology that help in transmitting what we so eagerly desire – “information”. With IT and its various tools having intertwined into our very existence, we live in a society today which is technology driven and technology dependent. Hence it is impossible to envisage our lives in the absence of technology.  But as technology has its advantages and uses, it has its banes and abuses as well. And if technology is so deeply rooted in our very existence, the presence of all other structures that govern our society must also find a way to incorporate “technology” within their realms. The legal parameters and ideologies of any society is based on its social experience and if it is a technology driven and dependent society we live in today, then our laws must also be formulated to adapt to the evolution. Cyber laws hence should not be perceived as an isolated area of practice but more as a holistic standard that should be used to provide answers and solutions to our modern day legal issues. With this tremendous influx of technology and its tools in our daily lives, it will no longer be possible to work well in any profession that would choose to stay ignorant of the impact that technology brings with it. Many law colleges and universities across the country have already realised the significance of technology laws and have hence chosen to incorporate “cyber laws” as part of the standard curriculum either as mandatory or even optional subject. Thankfully a knowledge revolution with regards to cyber laws awareness seems to have been initiated in some parts of the country. But what about the lawyers who have graduated with their degrees quite some time back and are looking to compete with the new age tech savvy breed emerging from prestigious academic institutions. Some of them have suggested that they have experience to count on and their lack of knowledge in this new phenomenon will not attribute to any lack of success. Maybe they are correct or maybe not. But as we see this tremendous transformation towards the digital space, it is only a matter of time before everyone needs to be aware of the hitherto unfathomable cyber laws.


The solution lies in concerted efforts made to improve the knowledge and skills of all lawyers, experienced and young. And the solution must also be a cost effective one to ensure that economic barriers do not end up conflicting with a noble cause of improving learning about a new and evolving area of law. I am quite proud to state that such a pioneering “Basic Cyber Law Training For Lawyers” program has been conceptualised and created at Global School of Tech Juris which will be the first of its kind program to help lawyers understand, inculcate and build up a greater knowledge base about what cyber law is and how it works. The proposed classroom program has already received a large number of enquiries for its inaugural academic semester and it is already predicted that this program designed exclusively for legal professionals will be a definite path breaking movement that many others are bound to follow. Note that Global School of Tech Juris already has a Certificate Program in Cyber Laws (6-months) available in both classroom and distance modes, but the proposed “Basic Cyber Law Training For Lawyers” program will be solely and exclusively to help increase the knowledge and understanding of practicing lawyers.


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  1. thats a great info.
    I think its gonna be useful for 1000s of Budding Lawyers.

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